Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Musings

Normally I am all too ready to put the heavy lifting aside and enjoy some light hearted Friday fun by sharing some things that have made my week a little easier.  However, this week has been h.a.r.d.

I tried to ignore my dull, dreary attitude and head over to pinterest anyway to find some pretty things to share in all the usual Friday revelry.  I made it about 45 seconds before closing out of it in a huff.

I am not here to perpetuate "pretty".  I am sick and tired of people pushing and pulling "pretty."

I need easy.  Or at least easier.  I need practical.  I need fun.  And I need clean.

I have been percolating over our society's pressure for "pretty" for a good while now, but I'm not ready to get full on rant here.  It is still Friday.

My brain is fuzzy and worn out from toddler wear and tear.  I am emotionally drained.  I'm going to go find some way to shake it off and be grateful and get through it.  But, if anyone out there is wondering and questioning, I think it's the hardest thing ever too.

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