Friday, October 14, 2016

Favorites on Friday

1. Modern Mrs. Darcy What Should I Read Next podcast


I am not an auditory person.  I am very very visual.  I want to read my books, not listen to them.  In fact, I have a hard time following along when being read to.  I struggle with podcasts as well, but the few that I like are amazing.  They are easy to follow, understand, rescue a child from a halfhearted attack from the cat, and come back to.  And this one is my favorite.

Perfect for the bookishly obsessed.  Please share any of your favorite bookish podcasts!

2. Fall Television

Remember the time when you only had 5 working channels that didn't require banging on the tv and repositioning the antennae.:

I am still old school.  I pay $10/month for a very basic Xfinity cable package, but I do have onDemand or I might truly only watch the news and Modern Family.  9pm is just too late for me to be watching television, and it seems like that's when the best shows are on.

I don't have Netflix.  I tried it plus Hulu.  It didn't work out for me.  With little miss devouring my time, I sit down for maybe an hour in the evenings to watch tv, read, then bed.  No binge watching is happening here.

Here's a couple new shows my husband and I love.

This Is Us

Image result for this is us

No surprise that this is on the top of the list.  Everyone is talking about it.  It's a moving, compelling family drama that we BOTH love.  Go watch it now.  Unless you are a Netflix person in which case you'll have to wait.

Designated Survivor

Image result for designated survivor

I picked this one out of our onDemand lineup last Saturday night when we both knew we would not last through a movie, but we didn't have any shows that we knew of to watch.  It is fast paced, thoroughly interesting and well done.  The politics, so far, are not overwhelming or preachy.  The new President is probably liberal, but he comes off very middle of the road and level headed.  More like a very smart, well informed, average joe than an average politician.

What are your favorites today?

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