Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Girl on the Train: Book Club

The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins’ debut psychological thriller follows Rachel, a woman nearing rock bottom. She rides the commuter train to London every day so no one knows she lost her job, she’s a barely functioning alcoholic, and she is still pining for her cheating ex-husband. When she finds herself invested in the story of a missing local woman, she starts unraveling a chain of dangerous secrets — but no one will believe her.:

We all do it—actively watch life around us. In this way, with her own voyeuristic curiosity, Rachel Watson is not so unusual. What do you think accounts for this nosey, all-too-human impulse?”

I pulled this discussion question from the Penguin site.

It seems to me that this simple impulse, people watching as I’ve heard it so often called, might be diminishing.  In fact, it seems that many types of watching are being replaced with the accessibility of cell phones, tablets, and on the go internet.

Before you toss out that old smart phone, you should consider turning it into a home surveillance system.:

Not to sound too school marmy but I remember car watching on long car trips or playing twenty questions even as an adult driving from LA to Monterey with my husband to pass the time.

Even now, I still sit in terribly uncomfortable airport lounge chairs, my book in my lap – ignored, watching people on their devices or getting to and fro with scenes of Love Actually playing in my head.

Travel tips that even an experienced traveller can use.:

I’m sure things were not always better with less technology.  I am sure there are a thousand things that are better because of it.  However, I am an old stick in the mud that is continually questioning how much is too much.  You know, when I’m not typing up a blog post.  Insert winky smile here.

What do you think?  Is your cell phone your life saver when stuck out and needing a bit of diversion or is it distracting you from seeing the life that teems around you?

The Girl on the Train: Review

The Girl on the Train

By Paula Hawkins

I like good books.  Books that transport me to another time and place other than my couch, surround me with characters I love and love to hate, and are put down sadly as if saying good bye to a friend.  These books can be romance novels, mystery novels, science fiction novels, young adult novels, non fiction works, or anything else so long as it's a good book.

No better way to 'watch' a story unfold than in your mimd... You can picture it as you read it... Not how someone else thinks it should look:

The Girl on the Train is a mystery and psychological thriller, not typically my favorite genre.

This book is a good book.  It is written simply, letting the pace of the plot take center stage.  I do not inundate myself with mystery or crime thrillers, because most of them fall a little flat for my taste.

Get your reading glasses on because it's time to get buckwild and by buckwild we mean reading a ton of books. We wide selection of hilarious nerd content is sure to get your brain buzzing.  Get 25% off everything on our site Jan 29-31 only.  No promo code required.:

This is one that breaks its genre barrier.  If you're looking for an engrossing, fun read, give this one a try.

Happy reading.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Things That Are Saving My Life Right Now

I'm joining up with Anne over on Modern Mrs. Darcy with this post.

what's saving my life

Winter months are tough for me.  I love seasons, and I love a decent dash of snow for a small amount of time.  I like steely skies and bare trees.    I like warm, crackling fires and a hot mug of cocoa or tea.  I like bundling up in sweats ALL day with no guilt.

Because I like all these things, I am not inclined to desire a warmer locale.  In fact, we lived in Monterey, California for just over a year, and for the most part, I found the lack of seasons oppressive.

Rain drops.:

However, I like winter and summer for about six weeks before I'm ready for the next season.  I find myself a little ridiculous in that I love the change of seasons, but in general, hate change.  No telling what that's about.

I'm not sure I have any real perspective on the doldrums of winter just yet as our 8 inches of snow last weekend turned into 65F sunny weather this weekend.  With a 20 week old baby whom I don't take out much, these are the things getting me through right now.

One.  Trashy and not so trashy television.

The Evolution of Television Sets - http://www.fastcodesign.com/3033336/infographic-of-the-day/how-the-television-has-evolved:

It's a little ridiculous that it takes me nearly all day to get through one hour long episode, but it's just the reprieve I need while giving the little her bottle or bouncing her to sleep.  On the queue are generally Keeping Up With the Kardashians (the trashiest!), Downton Abbey, Just Jillian (I haven't quite decided if I like it or not yet), Hollywood's Medium, Long Island Medium, Fixer Upper, and Mercy Street.

All of this is brought to you care of our DVR without which I would likely just watch the Kardashian channel... aka E!.

Two. Winter Shape Up workouts.

2016shapeup general 2

I love Gina's variety of workouts and having the structure of a pre-planned schedule.  Plus I love all the support and love from all the other ladies also doing Winter Shape Up.

Three. Switching rooms.

love is... holding the whole world in your arms...

This one is probably a little silly, but I've noticed that me and little one need to rotate rooms in the house periodically throughout the day since we can't spend more than a few minutes outside on typical days.  We just need new things to look at.

What helps you get through winter?