Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Boston Girl: Book Club

New York City , en los tempranos años 1900 , coloreada digitalmente / / . . . New York in the early 1900s, colorized.
The early 1900s held an armful of juicy, intense transactions making it a treasure trove time period to set a novel in.  I have always felt a little daunted about setting novels in different time periods because of my own perceived “lack” of knowledge of the events.  Do fiction novelists just do intense amounts of research or make up the details or maybe a happy combination of both?

Regardless, I like to stick to what I know.

Last week was my first week using my midori travelers notebook as a planner and I am pretty sure I am in love with everything about iI.:

For my reading entertainment, my favorite early 1900s topic is hands down WW2.  It might even be my favorite historical fiction event of all time.  I will forgive a novel a LOT of flaws if it includes some aspect of pre, during, or post WW2 facts.

However, there are numerous gems that stand out: anything by Kate Morton, the Century Trilogy by Ken Follet, The Shell Seekers, and Catch 22.


The Boston Girl skirts WW2, focuses a little more intensely on WW1, the flu epidemic, and women’s rights.

How about you?  What’s your favorite early 1900s event to read about?

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