Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Nightingale: Book Club

This book reminded me why I want to have more than one child, God willing.  I was one of three girls, and the companionship I had as a child and as an adult is unparalleled in any other relationships I have.  I read an article about having a newborn by a dad that said there is a reason no one makes any major decisions during these six (if you are the luckiest human on earth) to twelve weeks of severe sleep deprivation.

How true is this as I scroll through Pinterest at 5AM after hours of listening to my son cough through the night? Sigh.:

In the middle of mind numbing crying jags and sleeplessness that I’d had no understanding of BEFORE baby, I couldn’t imagine emerging from that fog and wanting to do it ever. ever again.  Even in the midst of that, crying and blubbering, I said that if I ever had another one it would be for our little one’s sake, because there’s only the one way to have a sibling.

Baby girl is almost 19 weeks old, and already the mania those first dozen weeks has lifted.  There are moments when I still think I must be mad to consider having another one, but then I video chat with my sister and her new little baby.  The cousins are six months apart.  Adorable.

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In Nightingale, the sisters are very different and have their issues.  But at the end of the day, there is this unspoken bound that you don’t walk away from your sister.  And I want my little one to know that when life has broken apart around you, when your parents have passed, and when no one else understands you, you still have your sister.

God willing, this is what I pray for for my little one.

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How about you?  Only child?  Get along with your siblings?

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