Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Gilead: Recommendations

2016 Reading Challenge care of Modern Mrs. Darcy
A book you’ve Previously Abandoned

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It is not particularly easy to recommend based on a book that I did not enjoy reading in the first place.  However, for the entirety of this novel, I felt like I was reading a Faulkner novel.

I have read exactly two Faulkner novels.  In high school, I read Light in August which I hated.  However, there were very few literature teachers who could help me enjoy a novel.  I always felt like they over analyzed and butchered the joy of novels.  Plus, I feel that it wasn't until I was early to mid twenties that I was old enough to appreciate more complicated time period literature pieces.

Light in August

In my twenties I voluntarily picked up The Unvanquished mostly because it was a quarter at a used bookstore, and I used to have purchasing and hoarding used book problems.  I ended up greatly enjoying it.  Now I don't know how I feel about Faulkner over all.

The Unvanquished

Did you enjoy great works of literature in high school?  Or struggle through them?

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