Monday, January 25, 2016

Gilead: Book Club

2016 Reading Challenge care of Modern Mrs. Darcy
A book you’ve Previously Abandoned

In Gilead, the novel is set up as a letter to John Ames’s little boy.  Here’s what I would write to my little girl about my life in a much more abbreviated style than Robinson.

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Dear baby girl,

Before I tell you anything else, I want you to know that everyone will have an opinion on how you should live your life.  Live it for yourself, sweet girl.

I have lived a very blessed life, and I hope you also get to appreciate one.  My parents are some of the best.  They have shown me support, love, and guidance – but only when I asked for it.  That’s pretty huge.  Unsolicited advice is the worst.

I met your dad when I was just shy of twenty years old, and that has been the best adventure yet.  He has loved me in such a sweet, special way just like he is loving you in such a sweet, special way. 

I hope you know that when it comes to love that you deserve someone that you are crazy about but that is also kind to you.  And will love you no matter what.  That’s what I’ve had, and I couldn’t ask for more.

Love you baby girl.  So much.

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What would you write?

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