Friday, January 15, 2016

Cress: Book Club

This Christmas, my mother – who has outdistanced me on this series after I put Cinder in her hands in early December – had Cress sitting out on a sofa end table.  My sister pointed it out and said she likewise enjoyed reading the first three of this series.  She, however, read it this past summer, and she doubted she’d finish it with the latest installment, Winter.

Winter by Marissa Meyer • November 10, 2015 • Feiwel & Friends

That got me thinking.  Is it better to hold your horses until a series is complete to read it or take them as they come?

It has been a happy coincidence that I didn’t discover the Lunar Chronicles or the Grisha series until they were completed.  I didn’t hold out on purpose, but there is this happy obsession that happens when you can lose yourself completely in a series, going from one to the next as quickly as you can handle it.

The Peanuts Gang catching up on their reading! Will someone please help poor Woodstock though…:

Of course, I am on a wait list for Winter, but I doubt it will be long before it’s my chance to nab it.

I’ve also gotten caught in many series as they were being published: Harry Potter, Outlander, and Ken Follet’s Century trilogy all come to mind.  Outlander, in particular, has been brutal waiting it out.  I started that series when the first 3 or 4 had already been published ten years ago now, and then hit the brick wall of Gabaldon’s extensive and timely research and publication dates.  Ugg.

Outlander (Outlander, #1)

When the series builds on itself – like most do – I find it hard to keep track of what has happened for the new novel especially with Outlander.

As much as I like the idea of being a patient enough person to wait until a series is complete to binge read it Netflix style, let’s be real.  If a good book recommendation comes along, I’m going to take it.

How about you?  To wait or not to wait?

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