Thursday, December 3, 2015

The March Sisters on Gift Guides: Book Club

My favorite part of Christmas is wrapping gifts. I love being able to be creative. It can get time consuming, but seeing a loved one's face light up when they see it, is well worth the effort.:

Tis the season.  With the turn of the calendar page, December is officially here, and with it the blogosphere is rampant with Gift Guides.  While my less than tech savvy self marvels at the graphic sophistication of these gift guides, I find myself pouring over these carefully selected and vetted goods with an obsessive gleam in my eye.

Yes, that would be the perfect little hand knitted winter hat for my little one.  Why my husband would love those kid skin gloves and cashmere scarf.  Those workout leggings  are adorable and durable and soft you say?  A quick treat for myself for all my hard work?

This website has the cutest clothes at an affordable price!!! New fav! Colorblast Winter Leggings:

I am on a very strict budget this year.  Let’s just say that I feel the pangs of the March sisters as they deliberate on how best to spend their Christmas money in the opening scenes of Little Women.

While gift guides certainly fulfill their purpose, I am trying very hard not to get sucked into the glitz and glamour this year.  I am trying not to confuse need with want.  And like the March sisters, I have quickly reallocated personal spending money to those that I find more worthy and deserving.

This is a classic story of sisterly love, compassion and goodness.  It was also one of the first novels that I read to myself as a little girl.:

It’s not an easy task, keeping myself reigned in.  On cyber Monday, I was one click away from making a White Plum order of clearance tunics that would be slightly more comfortable wear as I try to lose the weight I gained while pregnant.  But the sales! my consumer driven, materialistic voice screamed inside my head.  You will never see deals like this again!

For a split second, my yoga induced zen voice advised me to step away from the computer before I did something I would regret.  I do not NEED new tunics.  I do not NEED new leggings.  I have clothes that fit, feel comfortable, keep me warm, and take the abuse of spit up without complaint.  I do not NEED to have pictures of me and kiddo with me all done up and put together.   Pah!  Pipe dreams, my friends.  I’m lucky if I brush my hair every day.

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Very, very quickly I emptied my cart, closed out the window, and stepped away from the flashy sales and well marketed items.  I took a deep breath and picked up my book, determined to stay away from the temptress machine for the rest of the day.

I am a complete supporter of shopping those deals and making bank on my holiday list.  Where I struggle – and where the marketers want me to struggle I imagine – is drawing that line between my list and making extra unnecessary purchases.

gold shopping cart for gifts #diy #gifttableidea #weddingchicks

After all, like the March sisters, I want to keep it simple.  I want to pick out little treasures for those that I love to show them how much I appreciate them, but I want to keep it about a small treasure, not blindly buying love.  Keep it simple, self.  Keep it simple.

Do you struggle with keeping your holidays simple?  Or do you love extravagant festivities?

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