Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Light Between Oceans: Review

The Light Between Oceans

By ML Stedman

I unintentionally kept putting this read off.  I thought I had already read it.  Somewhere along the line of 2015, I merged The Light Between Oceans and All the Light We Cannot See in my mind.  They have a similar theme in title, and their covers are very similar.

All the Light We Cannot See

I’m glad I finally got myself straightened out, because I really enjoyed this novel.  This is the type of read I yearn for.  The writing was eloquent if a bit brief rather than descriptive.  The characters were deliciously flawed and pitiable.  The plot was tantalizing as I experienced the consequences of the main characters’ “adoption.”

The tragedy of the story reminded me a great deal of Jodi Picoult as well as the pretty writing.  Stedman kept the story very trimmed up and on point.  I often find myself enjoying more back story, description, and flowery language.  This book didn’t need it, but a tad more might have filled it out.

The Light Between Oceans Couple that runs lighthouse finds a baby washed up on shore and how they deal with it for years to come. Jan 2014 3.5 stars. Very slow beginning but glad I stuck it out..:

Over all, a very beautiful read if not a happy go lucky, beach read.

Happy reading.

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