Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Lake House: Review

The Lake House by Kate Morton

I am still reeling after having sprinted through the last 120 pages of The Lake House.  I have loved all of Kate Morton’s other books, so it is no surprise to me I likewise loved this one.  It was such a foregone conclusion that I would love it that my husband purchased me a copy as an anniversary present even though I have made a tremendous effort not to be a book hoarder anymore… to successful ends.

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If I had to pigeon hole the genre of this book – which I do not enjoy doing – I would designate it a mystery novel.  I very rarely appreciate whodunit novels, but I devour richly developed and complex narratives with a strong suspenseful plot line.

The Lake House read slightly more like a mystery than Morton’s other novels as one of the principle characters is a detective and another is a crime novelist.  While the plot of the novel - one a cold case of a missing child from the 1930s and another a modern day missing mother- kept me flying through the book, it is Morton’s delicate and intricate work of her characters that makes me love the story.

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Alongside detective Sadie Sparrow, the history of The Lake House in Cornwall, England unravels one tantalizing strand at a time.  Morton’s stories suck me in so beautifully because the question of who did it takes a very second role to what happened.  And Morton takes her time creating a situation that is at once unusual and realistic around characters that appear just as reasonable until things go awry.

I could not recommend this novel enough.  Be warned that I love the little touches of flourish Morton provides.  Little details about gardens, tea sets, and dinner that paint a vivid picture for me.  If you prefer a quicker, sparser mystery, this one might bog you down.  If you’re like me and prefer a more complex, literary read, you will not be disappointed in any of her novels especially this one.

Always love the blue and white. Lovely tea set and beautiful tray.
How do you feel about mysteries?  Read any of Kate Morton's novels?

Happy reading.

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