Friday, December 11, 2015

The Lake House: Book Club

In The Lake House by Kate Morton, the mother, Eleanor, protects a family secret even from her own family.  In fact, she goes to great lengths to preserve this secret to great personal sacrifices.  She would rather endure selflessly than put the family to shame.

"Her heart was a secret garden, and the walls were very high." William Goldman, The Princess Bride:

In this day and age of bloggers – hello! – and social media where we share a lot, I wonder to what lengths I would go to preserve a squeaky clean family image.

My personal preference falls somewhere in the middle ground between these two extremes.

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I have been party to family members trying to keep an unpleasant situation under wraps.  It was hurtful to feel that they couldn’t trust us to understand and be empathic to their troubles.  It also put great strains on the relationships because of the lack of clear communication.

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I also know that I enjoy the connection I feel with others when we share over common victories and challenges.  I find that there is not much I keep close to my chest these days.  I feel there is nothing to be embarrassed about even if I am struggling with something.  Those I care about and care about me respond with loving kindness and prayers.

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I see a more distinct line when it comes to social media.  I still like sharing – clearly.  However, I’ve come to a place where I want to keep my family life quieter in the great world wide web.  While I like sharing anecdotes, I try to keep it more generalized for the greater world to see.  This stems from my personal feeling that it is not my place to share others’ stories.

Where do you fall?  Do you like to keep certain things private?

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