Friday, December 18, 2015

First Frost: Review

First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen

First Frost (Waverley Family, #2)

I completely missed that this was a sequel to Garden Spells.  I was 10 pages into First Frost and felt as if I had already read the book before.  If I was still a book hoarder, I would have tracked down Garden Spells to compare.  I am not. 

After a frustrating evening of double and triple checking the jacket cover – is this a sequel???? – I finally got down to the computer and my goodreads account to confirm – after it was painfully obvious – that this is the Waverly Family#2 edition of the series?  Maybe a series.  I don’t know.

Garden Spells (Waverley Family, #1)

Anyway, I liked Garden Spells.  I wasn’t over the moon with it.  It didn’t change my life.  It was comfortable, cozy and fun.  Equate it to a well broken in sweatshirt.  Maybe so broken in that it has a coffee stain and a little tear in the hem.

When I saw another of her novels recommended, I went back and forth on if I wanted to read it.  I ended up grabbing it at the library since I was deliberately looking for something light hearted and cozy.  Something where everything wraps up all neat and tidy, and everyone is happy at the end.  In that, it did not disappoint.

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The plot is very similar to the first novel, but the Waverly’s special gifts are what make these novels a little bit more fun for me.  That and descriptions like “lasagna cooked in miniature pumpkins,” “pumpkin seed brittle,” and “spiced caramel potato cakes.”  This book absolutely made me salivate.

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Happy reading.

Do you ever just need a book that you know will have a happy ending?

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