Monday, December 21, 2015

First Frost: Book Club

This series is special to me because of Allen’s savory descriptions of wildly eclectic, botanical culinary creations.  It just seems fitting to explore and share some of my other favorite culinary inspirations.

Healthy STUFFED PEPPERS | 29 Vegetarian Classics You Should Learn How To Cook:

As a wedding gift, my mother got me a subscription to Cooking Light which remains to this day one of the best gifts I have ever received.  The monthly new ideas, drool worthy pictures, and easy to follow recipes easily had my husband tricked into thinking I actually know how to cook.  Ha. 

As my diet has changed – coming closer and closer to vegan after I realized I had a dairy allergy over 5 years ago – the magazine has less useful ideas for me than it once did.  However, I’ve never thrown away an issue without taking at least 1 recipe idea from it.

Lemon Chicken Skillet Dinner - It doesn't get much easier, or more satisfying: a complete dinner in one pan in half an hour. Lemon brightens this cozy winter meal.:

For always delectable vegan cooking, I found the Oh She Glows website shortly before she published her first cookbook, the Oh She Glows cookbook.  Everything I tried from the website was delicious, but I was torn about purchasing the book. 

My health goals are centered around whole, plant based foods.  I had already made the mistake of spending money on vegan cookbooks that relied heavily on tofu, tempeh, seitan, and Earth Balance “butter.”  I didn’t want vegan processed food.  In fact, I feel like non-vegan whole foods are still a better option than vegan processed.

Rad Rainbow Raw Pad Thai by Oh She Glows.  Such a refreshing dish for these 100 degree days!!!:

That is not to say I don’t eat some of all of it – minus the dairy that would send me to the hospital after a very unpleasant epi-pen adventure.  If I’m going to spend my money on a cookbook, I want whole foods.  After spending two months following bloggers and tweeters raving about the book, I finally gave in and purchased it.  It was the best cookbook purchase I have ever made, and she needs to hurry up with the next one already.

For vegan breakfast and dessert ideas, I always head to Chocolate Covered Katie’s website.  I love that she has options for baking.  If you’re like me and unable to spend the money on almond flour – yikes- then, there’s a flour option.

GOOEY CHOCOLATE CHIP PEANUT BUTTER BARS - dangerously addictive... like the lovechild of a chocolate chip cookie and a Reeses peanut butter cup! Full recipe here:

Where do you go for cooking inspiration?

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