Monday, December 14, 2015

Cinder: Review

Cinder: The Lunar Chronicles Book 1 by Marissa Meyer

Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1)

Upon repeated recommendations of this young adult novel, I finally gave it a try without reading the jacket cover or having any other expectations of its premise other than it was clearly a Cinderella spin off.

The first 20 pages I thought I would throw in the towel and call this one a spade.  I am not the intended audience for young adult novels anyway, so it takes a special one to catch my interest.  Generally – Cinder being no exclusion – the writing is simpler for a lower reading level and the story line is fairly predictable.

Cinder is set in the future and the main character, Cinder, is a cyborg.  I am not terribly interested in robots and hover crafts in any form of entertainment.  However, unexpectedly the Plague entered the story line.

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As a teenager, my favorite movie was Outbreak, and I LOVED biology class.  I especially loved diseases and viruses, the deadlier the better.  If not for my equal distaste for Chemistry, I could have pictured myself working at the CDC.

When Cinder took this slant, I was hooked, and by the end the subtle but teasing plot line and characters had me hooked.  If I didn’t already have two different library books sitting on my table to read, I would already have rushed back to the library to check out the next one in the series.  It will be on my list for my next trip.

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Cinder is for you if you like adventure, science fiction stories.  While I flew through this book – both because the simple language makes it an easy read and I wanted to know how it turned out – it was still relatively predictable.  I still enjoyed it, but if you’re looking for a literary masterpiece this is not it.  If you’re looking for a nail biter, edge of your seat kind of book, this is not it.

If you’re looking for a light hearted, lose yourself in a different world read, give this one a try.

Happy reading.

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