Tuesday, December 29, 2015

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Giving Birth

I already felt a kinship with Taya Kyle reading this novel because of our shared military wife experience.  The way she writes about it and marriage so candidly made me almost declare out loud, “Yes, that’s exactly how it was!”

I was surprised that we also shared some similar aspects giving birth to our children – her first and my only one.  Her first child, her son, had to be induced due to distress.  My little girl was also induced due to distress but different issues.  Luckily I was in the very early stages of labor already so technically it was called an augmented birth.

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What was particularly poignant were her descriptions of her recollections of a medicated free birth due to a low platelet counts.  I electively decided to skip the epidural but did end up having some pain medication toward the end of the labor.  The way she writes about it was very reminiscent of mine, so if you are interested in reading an account of a medicated free birth, read this one.

I am still completely torn about how I will give birth if my husband and I decide to have another child.  I wanted to go epidural free because many studies suggest that the likelihood that the birth will end in a c-section increases anywhere from 40-60%.  My sister had just gone down that path, and her recovery story was enough to want me to avoid that path with a ten foot pole.

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My recovery was almost non-existent.  I did tear, so I had some pain a few hours later.  However, I was up walking, visiting with baby and family, and alert almost immediately after our little one entered this world.  The recovery was awesome.  I have very fond memories of the recovery.

However, I had a Pitocin induced labor and was being continuously monitored because little one had 1 distressed heart rate reaction which meant no hot shower, no pacing about, and difficulty moving around in general.  Even now, I lean towards a natural birth if I could have a full natural birth… no induction.  However, I am completely torn about epidural or no epidural if I need to be induced again.

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I have completely settled on using a midwife birthing center next go round – if there is another go round – rather than a traditional OBGYN who was very sweet but intervened several times in my pregnancy that in hindsight I wish she wouldn’t  have done.

How about you?  Do you have a positive or negative birth story?  Epidural or no epidural?

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