Wednesday, December 2, 2015

About the Blog Name: Ms. March's Bookshelf

In the snatches of very limited, brief moments of respite from tending to my new baby girl and her basic needs, I am trying to get her baby book filled in.  She turns 12 weeks old today.  A huge milestone for all of us!
For those who refuse to give in to the tablet craze.
I am only just now finding beautiful breaks of time to borrow for myself now that she actually sleeps regularly and mostly predictably if not routinely.  As a result, I find myself relying on my foggy, sleep deprived memory for her first month’s milestones, special occasions, and traits in addition to the rudimentary parental biographical information.
What are mommy’s interests?  Given half a chance to eat, shower, and brush my teeth, my next pleasures are to pick up a book or write.  I love to read.

When I was just out of college I had a job, ever so briefly, at Borders Bookstore.  You know, before bookstores became obsolete.  While the pay was dismal, I found myself surrounded by books and people wanting recommendations for books.  Thanks to my voracious reading skills – which even a newborn has been unable to quell entirely – I found myself as the go to point person in the store when a customer needed a fiction recommendation.

Little Women (Little Women, #1)

Now, I’m taking my reviews and recommendations to the blogosphere.
Before I dive into the juiciest bits of books, I wanted to write about my blog title: Ms. March’s Bookshelf.  I have a handful of classics that I love.  I obviously include any Jane Austen novel, Three Musketeers, Gone with the Wind and Little Women amongst my favorites.
While they all hold special places in my heart and have unique, beautiful tales of their own, I recently found myself dusting off my used book store copy of Little Women to begin reading to my little girl.  In this stage of my life, it cradles and warms me like well worn mittens.  Being one of three girls, there is so much relatable story weaved while gently reminding me to be humble, to be loving, and above all that family is everything.

I hope you’ll find what you are looking for here as I share my love of books with you.  And while you’re here, see if you can guess which March sister you might be – and which I relate to most.

Happy reading.

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